JOB TITLE: Senior Estimator
REPORTS DIRECTLY TO: Manager of Construction
Direct Reports: Estimator, Junior Estimator


The Senior Estimator will supervise the Estimating Division of the Company. This is a supervisory level position requiring minimum supervision and considerable independence and judgment. The Senior Estimator will lead the large and complex estimating jobs. The Senior Estimator will provide leadership and guidance to the direct reports. The Senior Estimator will be responsible for the assigning work to the direct reports, performance of the direct reports, and all related activities. (S)He will ensure that the Division performs as per the Company’s vision, goals, objectives and policies and procedures. (S)He will ensure the top-quality results are delivered within allocated budgets for the projects on an annualized basis. (S)He will establish and implement the estimating and project management policies and procedures as per the Company’s visions, goals, and objective.


  1. Liaison between project managers, project coordinators, estimating, and client.
  2. Develop and implement Estimating Division policies and procedures in accordance with Company’s vision, mission, objectives and goals.
  3. Review scope of all new works and assign to staff accordingly.
  4. Review project documents and advise the senior management whether we should be bidding for the project or not & why.
  5. Ensure all bid submissions are complete and accurate, on time.
  6. Coordinate all site visits and follow up meetings.
  7. Conduct regular progress reviews (bidding, submission) on the projects and provide written bi-weekly report to Manager of Construction.
  8. Develop and monitor work plans for staff for compliance with schedule, quality, and overall conformance with the contract documents.

    The work plan to include:
    – Develop and maintain schedules for assigned projects.
    – Identify and evaluate alternative solutions to best meet project goals.
    – Prepare detailed construction cost estimates and proper documentations for each project.
    – Review and approved Letter of Intent, award documents and contracts.
  9. Review, evaluate and advise on contract documents, procurements, pre-bid conferences, and bid evaluations, and pre-qualifications.
  10. Provide leadership in negotiating with contractors regarding changes to design.
  11. Assist with the maintenance of CCDC, CCA, and other contract documents.
  12. Support ICE safety vision and compliance with all safety rules, policies, and procedures; maintains accountability for safety performance of subordinate personnel.
  13. Working with HR department on any matters that occur pertaining to direct reports.
  14. Liaise with senior management to help make decisions on operational activities and set strategic goals.
  15. Keeping employees motivated and organizing appropriate training.
  16. Conduct monthly reviews of the staff and report to Manager of Construction.
  17. Provide divisional analysis, reports, activities on as need basis.
  18. Participate in customer support processes and organize them to enhance customer satisfaction.
  19. Be proficient in eGordian, and UDA Construction suite to be a knowledge base for employees.
  20. Participate in the project post construction review.
  21. Conduct post mortem of lost job and provide report to senior management team.
  22. Other duties as assigned by Manager of Construction.