We are a general contractor engaged in construction for large and small scale commercial, infrastructure, and industrial projects throughout Canada. We provide general contracting, construction management and project management services.

Position Summary
Experienced carpenters/apprentices with abilities and knowledge of materials, methods and tools required to construct, install, renovate and repair commercial or industrial structures constructed of wood, steel, concrete and other materials using carpenter’s hand tools and power tools and equipment. Able to study, interpret and understand blueprints, sketches or building plans to determine specifications and calculate requirements.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Working from blueprints, instructions from supervisors to do layout-measuring, marking and arranging of various construction materials.
  • Cut, shape and join.
  • Checks accuracy of works and makes adjustments as required.
  • Studies blueprints for work planning.
  • Acts as a work leader and mentors to apprentice carpenters.
  • Informs immediate supervisor of abnormalities or defects and/or takes appropriate measures.


Education: Successful completion of the 4th year of the Carpenter Apprenticeship Program
Experience: Minimum 5 years of related work experience
*or an equivalent combination of experience, training and education

Knowledge & Skills

Knowledge: (trade specific knowledge – technical competencies)

  • Knowledge of trade mathematics in both imperial and metric measurements.
  • Knowledge of the characteristics of all types of construction materials and their proper use and application.
  • Knowledge of installation equipment, techniques, wiring or programs to meet specifications.

Skills (behavioral competencies):

  • Ability to work at heights, good balance.
  • Ability to bend, stretch, lift push, pull and carry.
  • Ability to coach, mentor and train apprentices.
  • Ability to describe and point out safety compliance and regulatory issues.
  • Demonstrates good communication and interpersonal skills both upward and downward.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Ability to problem solve.
  • Ability to do precision work without close supervision.
  • Ability to use hand tools and power tools in a safe manner.

What we offer:

  • Competitive wages.
  • Opportunities for advancement.
  • Safe and respectful working environment.

Please send resume to office@icedevelopment.net.