Pita Pit Rejuvenation Project

Pita Pit is going through a national rejuvenation process for its locations. ICE Development is proud have partnered with Pita Pit for this project. pf pp3 This project consisted of renovations to an existing, operating store, 1200 sq. ft. in size to align it with new corporate guidelines and directions.   Since this is an existing operating location, it required considerable planning and staging to minimize the down time.  The scope included refreshing the entire store with new flooring, wall coverings, tiles, wall paper, millwork, equipment as well as digital menu boards. pf pp2 In order to remain viable it was imperative to complete the renovations in two weeks.  Our professional team was successful in completing the work in the required time frame. We are proud that we were able to help Pita Pit accomplish its objections.